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Natural Gas Compression & Liquids


Murphy’s heritage in the oil and gas industry dates back to 1939. That adds up to more than 70 years of engine expertise and a company that intimately knows the needs of the oil and gas market.

Today, Murphy continues to expand its product breadth for engine manufacturers and operators, providing a full spectrum of engine management solutions. These range from electronic and mechanical controls to custom engineered compressor control panels and systems, plus turn-key ignition systems and air-fuel ratio control systems.

For the gas transmission industry, Murphy’s single components are easily integrated into complete systems designed to meet gas compression control needs. And our complete line of fault annunciators and programmable control and monitoring systems enable microprocessor based monitoring, control and data acquisition.

For field gas gathering, from recovery to compression to pumping — no matter how remote — Murphy helps manage gas compression applications with our proven control, monitoring and communications systems and our ignition systems and air-fuel ratio systems.


Product Categories

Compressor Controls & Annunciators
Electro/Mechanical Controllers
Engine Management
Fuel Shutoff Valves
Gages (Mechanical) – Pressure
Gages (Mechanical) – Temperature
Level Maintainers
Level Switches 
Liquid Dump Valves
Mag Switches / Tattletale® Annunciators
Panel Systems (Gas Compression)
Pressure Sensors and Instruments
Speed/Time Sensors and Instruments
Temperature Sensors and Instruments
Vibration Sensors and Instruments 

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Natural Gas Applications Brochure

Industrial BrochureNew for 2013, our Natural Gas Applications brochure highlights the latest and greatest product offerings as well as potential applications for them.
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