New Plan Announced For Murphy Product Migration

We strive to provide our customers with innovative solutions for all their engine management and control needs. In an effort to provide increased support for existing customers we have introduced a product migration plan called the 'Stage V Program'.

The Stage V Program was developed as a way to designate products entering the phase-out stage in order to help our customers plan their product migration in advance. Products labeled as Stage V will be available for purchase for a limited amount of time, and alternate product(s) will be identified for existing customers.

The typical product lifecycle consists of four stages – Introduction, Growth, Maturity, and Decline. Products pass through this lifecycle on varying timelines, and it is our goal to anticipate products that will soon be end-of-sale and communicate the appropriate information to our customers.

There are many reasons that can influence this timeline. In some cases, this occurs prematurely and abruptly because components become obsolete or unavailable as a result of market conditions. Also, new technologies often replace existing components forcing designers to re-design around a new offering.

When we determine a product has reached Stage V, it will be listed on the product migration page of our website along with the following information:

  • End of sale date
  • Recommended replacement products

Follow product links on the page to find out specific information and replacement or transition strategies. After a Stage V product has reached its end-of-sale date, we will migrate all product information (sales bulletins, installation/operation manuals, etc) to the Discontinued Product Literature page.  

If replacement strategies require additional steps in planning, designing or implementation in general, we will provide information on how to work with us to make the transition as painless as possible.