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Technical Support

Keeping your FW Murphy products fully functional is a top priority for us. If you need technical support, we're ready to provide it directly to you.

  • You can download technical literature for each product from our Product Literature Library, or use the "3 Ways to Find Our Products" tool in the navigation bar to navigate to your product and go to the "Literature" tab.
  • For support on FW Murphy products and systems purchased from a dealer, please contact the dealer from which the products were bought. FW Murphy dealers are trained in FW Murphy products and may be able to answer your questsions. You can find dealer contact information in our "Contact" section by using the Domestic Distributor / Dealer Search or the International Dealer Search.
  • If you bought products directly from FW Murphy or require direct support, use the Request Technical Support form or call 918-317-4100 and ask for Technical Service Support. FW Murphy's offices are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST. If your problem needs immediate attention outside these hours, calling that number will give you instructions for our after-hours emergency support system. Please have the model number of the products or systems handy to tell the Technical Service Support personnel.