RP 2300 Series

  • One Solenoid For Pull/Push Operation
  • No Internal Switches
  • Reduce Coil Burnout
  • Boost Reliability
  • Reduce Adjustments
  • High Force–Small Size
  • Can Be Used With Most Engines Start Systems
  • SD85 Solenoid Drive Time Delay Available To Greatly Reduce Possibility Of Coil Burnout And Facilitate Low RP2307B & RP2308B Current Piloted Operation.
Stage V: 
Product Overview: 

Murphy push/pull DC Solenoids provide single unit versatility for engine applications, such as shutdown.

A choice of two models and two voltages is available. All models come complete with return spring and rubber seal boot. See the next page for specifications and options.

Basic Models

Models RP2307B and RP2308B give a full one inch (25 mm) stroke at 11 pounds (49 N) and hold up to 23 pounds (102 N) at full voltage, continuous duty. They will operate at any stroke less than maximum; refer to the chart shown on page 2 of installation instructions.

Models RP2309B and RP2310B can pull 14 pounds (62 N) with a one-and-ahalf inch (38 mm) stroke. They hold up to 34 pounds (151 N) at full voltage, continuous duty. See the chart on page 2 for holding force at any stroke less than maximum.

SD85 Solenoid Drive Time Delay

Using the SD85 ensures the energize coil is only powered for 1-2 seconds with each operation. If the plunger does not seat in that time, it is highly unlikely it will seat. The hold coil is energized as long as the signal to the SD85 is active. This insures long life of the RP solenoid.

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