Optimizing your engine’s performance and maintaining emission compliance is easier than ever with Murphy’s new Engine Integrated Control System (EICS). It is a complete integration package pre-calibrated specifically for your engine model.

EICS combines key components - ignition system (powered by Murphy’s IntelliSpark™ Ignition technology), air/fuel control, speed governing, interface and diagnostics, sensors, harnesses, catalyst and engine control unit (ECU) - in one package, saving you money and man-hours associated with the installation and setup of separate engine components.

The EICS has been pre-configured for your convenience, ensuring your engine will run at optimum performance without the need for manual field adjustments. Its D-EPR valve accommodates wide variations in fuel composition and speed/load ranges, maintaining efficiency with load following technology for even the toughest gas lift applications.

In addition, the EICS eliminates the need for pretest site visits by maintaining emissions - saving you time and money. With EICS you can be certain your site will pass required testing, like Quad J testing, without the need for pretesting to get dialed in.

EICS is currently supported on:

  • G3304 NA
  • G3304B NA
  • G3306 NA
  • G3306B NA
  • G3306 TA
  • G3306B TA
  • G3306 TAA
  • G3306B TAA
  • G3406 NA
  • G3406 TA
  • KTA19
  • G8.3
  • G5.9 (coming soon)
  • VRG 330
  • VRG 330 Flow Control (coming soon)

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