The CV15 is an open-yoke, cage-guided control valve also known as dump valves. They are ideally suited for a wide range of applications such as pressure control, level control and flow control. Typical installations include separators, scrubbers, wellheads and other production equipment. The open yoke allows mounting positioners, limit switches and other external devices. The exposed stem provides accurate travel indication and higher-temperature service.

  • The hammer union makes maintenance easy.
  • The valves are available in a variety of material options and different trim sizes.
  • High-flow open-yoke option available.
  • A NACE option is also available for sour service. 

The hammer union makes maintenance easy by allowing the topworks to be removed without taking the valve out of line. This feature reduces the amount of time needed to inspect and replace the valve trim.

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Sizes: 1” and 2”
Connections: Female NPT, flanged, butt weld, socket weld
Body Type: Globe, tee (1” only), angle (2” only)
Trim Characteristic: Quick open, modified percent (throttling)
Trim Size: 0.25”, 0.375” (3/8”), 0.50”, 0.75”,1.00”,  
1.25” (quick open, stainless trim) 1.50” (requires CV10F)
Pressure Rating: 4000 psi (-50°F to 200°F), 3755 psi at 400°F
Temperature Range: -50° F to 400° F (-46° C to 204° C)
Shutoff: ANSI Class IV
Actuator Sizes: No. 35 (35 in2 area), No. 70 (70 in2 area)
Input Signal Ranges: 3-15 psi, 6-30 psi
Body: WCC steel, LCC (low-temp option)
Packing Plug: A105 steel, nickel-plated, A350 LF2 (low-temp option)
Hammer Nut: A105 steel, A350 LF2 (low-temp option)
Trim: 17/4 stainless, carbide (optional)
Actuator Housing: Carbon steel
Yoke: A395 ductile iron