The LG20 Glass Liquid Level Gauge is a rugged flat glass gauge for mid-range pressure temperature applications.  Standard construction includes a solid one-piece chamber machined from carbon steel with covers, toughened glass and chrome-molybdenum bolts and nuts. All metal parts are rustproofed. Recessed gasket seat prevents movement and ensures leak-free service.

  • Quality Materials: Tempered glass conforms to BS3463, DIN 7081.  All parts are ASTM grade and listed in ANSI 31.3.
  • Quality Assurance Testing: All gauges are hydrostatically tested to 1.5 times the rated pressure at 100° F (38° C).
  • No-Leak Design: Recessed gasket seat in chamber and cover prevents leaks often caused by shifting gaskets.
  • Liquid-Gas or Liquid-Liquid Interface Applications: Available in either reflex or transparent styles to satisfy all application requirements. 
  • NACE Compatible: Wetted parts conform to NACE MR-01-75 specifications for sour gas service. 

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Connections: 1/2” FNPT top-bottom connections.
Pressure/Temperature Ratings:  Refer to Sales Bulletin
Gauge Length/Weight (Refer to Sales Bulletin):
Gauge sections are available in 3-9 standard glass sizes. For longer size requirements, multiple units can be constructed with multiple vision slots in a continuous solid bar chamber.
Construction Materials:
Liquid Chamber: Carbon steel 
Cover: Carbon steel
Bolts and Nuts: Plated carbon steel

Liquid Level Gauge