The PC88 is a rugged, economical pressure control pilot. It can be used anywhere pressure control of high pressure gas is required. When used in conjunction with a control valve it may serve as either a back pressure regulator or pressure reducing regulator. It can also be used to send a signal when the sense pressure goes above or falls below a given set point. The PC88 Direct functions by sensing a high-pressure signal and outputting a low-pressure signal when the high pressure signal rises above the set point. The PC88 Reverse outputs a low-pressure signal when the high pressure signal falls below the set point.

  • The PC88 is available as direct acting or reverse acting.
  • The action is field reversible.
  • A NACE option is also available.  

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Connections (Sense Pressure, Supply & Output Pressures): 1/4” female NPT
Vent: 1/8” female NPT
Temperature Range: 
-20° F to 400° F (-28° C to 204° C)
Set Pressure Range: 75 to 1500 psi
Weight: 17 lbs
Body, Base and Bonnet: WCB steel
Internals: Stainless steel
Main Spring: Carbon steel
Diaphragm: Nylon reinforced Buna, nylon reinforced Viton® (optional)
Seals: Buna, Viton® (optional)

Pressure Pilots