The RG40 is a compact, high-pressure, spring-operated regulator designed to reduce high pressures down to working pressures. Typical applications include reduction of high pressure to operate chemical injection pumps, valve actuators or controllers. Its compact form and cost-effective design make it an ideal choice for many other applications as well.

  • The standard unit features a rugged brass body and housing with a durable metal diaphragm and nylon disk for handling high-pressure drops.
  • A stainless steel version is also available and is good for NACE services.

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Connection: 1/4” NPT (1 inlet, 3 outlets)
Inlet Pressure Rating: 5000 psi
Temperature Range:
Brass: -70° F to 225° F (-57° C to 107° C)  
Stainless: -40° F to 225° F (-40° C to 107° C)
Output Ranges: 0 – 125 psi, 0 – 225 psi
Adjustment Screw: Standard, Tee-handle

Materials Brass Option:
Body and Housing: Brass
Diaphragrm: Sainless steel
Orifice: Sainless steel
Disk: Nylon
Spring: Steel

Materials Stainless Option:
Body and Housing: 316SS
Diaphragrm: Monel 400
Orifice: 316SS
Disk: PTFE
Spring: Stainless steel