DVU Series Dump Valves

  • For Separators/Scrubbers to 2000 psi (13.8 MPa) [138 bar] Working Pressure
  • Hex Union Allows Plug and Seat Replacement Without Piping Removal
  • Operates on 30–70 psi (207–483 kPa) [2.07–4.83 bar] Control Pressure
  • Compatible With FW Murphy Level Controls
  • Soft Seat Valve
  • Manual Valve Operator

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DVU Selection Guide (.zip, 327KB) - The DVU Selection Guide selects the appropriate dump valve model for the user using a series of calculations. This calculation is obtained after the user inputs application information such as diameter of vessel, duration of dump cycle, vessel pressure and pressure at outlet of DVU.

 Scrubber Level System - Sales Bulletin (04005; revision date: 09/2017)