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All around the world people depend on FW Murphy Production Controls. Our quality controls and instrumentation are at work insuring reliable operations for oil and gas production and transmission, original equipment manufacturing, irrigation and agriculture, power generation, work and pleasure boating - most any application involving engines or engine driven equipment.

Our commitment is to understand and meet the requirements of our customers and our jobs, provide qualified personnel and sufficient resources so that these requirements can be assured, and maintain an environment which encourages all employees to pursue never-ending improvements in quality and productivity.

Core Values

FW Murphy takes great pride in providing employees with a fun and challenging work experience, therefore, we rely on five core values as building blocks for our success:

Customer Focus
We are driven by customer satisfaction and service. Our responsibility is to understand our external and internal customers’ needs, provide timely solutions, and fulfill our commitments. We embrace a culture of humility, which in turn, ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction.

We want employees, customers, and suppliers to enjoy working with our company.

We encourage creativity in an environment in which new ideas build on successful platforms and continue the evolution of integrated product offerings. We believe this is how we truly delight our customers.

Fanatical Excellence
We strive to achieve the best in all we do. Our responsibility to customers and ourselves is to adopt a sense of healthy paranoia in which quality must be proven and never assumed.  We hold each other accountable to the highest standards of performance.

We are honest and fair with employees, customers and suppliers. This creates an environment of mutual respect and trust.

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