Solutions to Protect our Environment

At FW Murphy Production Controls, our specialty is natural gas compression. We believe in protecting our environment and creating systems and equipment to help producers stay in compliance and meet stringent emission regulations. We constantly innovate to improve equipment and optimize performance so that natural gas producers have the best equipment for the job.

Since its introduction more than a decade ago, FW Murphy’s Engine Integrated Control System – EICS® – has assisted energy producers in meeting or exceeding strict emissions compliance standards. With minimal effort from users, the system maintains these standards while alerting to potential problems. This proven system with advanced diagnostics, robust components and a fully integrated approach is the leader in the industry for optimal engine performance and for keeping applications adherent to various government regulations. This technology is now available for large horsepower engines, so companies can retrofit older engines to new standards.

Within the DNA of EICS are other FW Murphy products. AFR is a key component in the EICS package. Also available as a standalone product, it keeps engines running at optimal levels.

M-Link®, FW Murphy’s IoT gateway solution, was introduced in 2020. This technology allows users to check on the health of their application with a click from their computer or smartphone. Up-to-date analytics informs employees what needs to happen next on their skid, saving unnecessary or return trips with extra equipment. This technology allows remote troubleshooting and over-the-air downloads, so checking on equipment in remote locations is as easy as looking at the app.

Our Centurion™ controller monitors applications to keep them running as required and responds to dynamic situations to avoid unnecessary downtime and shutdowns. The controller evolves to meet the needs of the industry. The latest iteration, the C5, continues to offer new features to assist companies in meeting necessary regulations.

We support using natural gas, as it is the cleanest of the fossil fuels. Using natural gas over other fuels leads to fewer harmful pollutants.

Natural gas is a crucial resource for reducing pollution and maintaining a healthy environment. In addition to this benefit, natural gas is in abundant supply domestically and provides a secure energy source. Utilizing natural gas for energy results in fewer emissions of nearly all types of air pollutants and carbon dioxide than other options to produce an equal amount of energy.