Our goal is to clear a path to catalyze our customers’ success. We fearlessly engage in any effort that will eliminate our customers’ risk. We immerse ourselves in our customers’ world, reveal unknowns and deliver integrated solutions to clear a path to their success.

Our state-of-the-art solutions are utilized by leading companies throughout the natural gas industry. We’re proud to partner with these organizations to create breakthroughs that advance technologies and create better, cleaner energy for the future.


FW Murphy partnered with Ariel to create the Ariel Smart Compressor system. This next-generation compressor control platform utilizes FW Murphy’s digital-twin technology paired with Ariel 7 configuration software to deliver real-time edge prognostics. This allows for precise control, reliable protection, and early warning capabilities through predictive analytics. Our integrated M-Link IoT solution is a part of the ASC system and provides connectivity to users by allowing them to constantly monitor, control, optimize, manage and understand the health of their application from anywhere in the world. 

7 Compression

Our collaboration with 7 Compression led to a state-of-the-art system they call the Titan-Flex. By utilizing our core technology for engines and compressors, 7 Compression offers a specialized solution that continuously monitors and adjusts to changing application conditions as well as minimizing exhaust emissions and capturing fugitive emissions for use as a secondary fuel source. This solution also takes advantage of the connectivity of FW Murphy’s M-Link IoT gateway to leverage the technology by improving equipment utilization, gaining full visibility with monitoring, setting changes and receiving notifications.