Case Study: Natural Gas Services Group

Published on May 14, 2010

Natural Gas Services Group is known for its CipJr and CipSr reciprocating compressors. The company grew the product line to include several variations, which required many different Murphy controllers. Jim Hazlett, NGSG’s VP of Production and Engineering, worked with Murphy to consolidate multiple controllers into one by using the Centurion™, a flexible and cost-effective controller for midlevel compressor applications.

Multiple controllers used on various compressor packages.
NGSG supported four Murphy controllers: the TTDJ, 447, S400 and Millennium.
Too many inventory resources spent matching the correct controller to each variation of compressor package and application.
Variations in software for each controller required regular updates. All programming changes had to come from Murphy on EEPROM chips.
NGSG used the full-featured Millennium controller for its communications features, but additional features went unused. They were paying for more control than they needed.

“We started considering the number of different controllers we were supporting in our fleet. Four controllers combined with our various panels complicated our product line, our inventory and our support services. The Centurion™ allowed us to get away from so many different products and focus on one controller across several panels.”

Murphy proposed using the flexible Centurion™ controller to replace most of NGSG’s controllers.
The Centurion™ controller fully replaced three controllers on several packages.
Murphy’s S400 controller is still used on two screw compressor packages, but will ultimately be updated.
Software variations are now maintained by keeping a blank Centurion™ in stock.
Software can be downloaded from Murphy, or NGSG can directly modify the software in-house.

“We opted to bite the bullet and standardize our controllers with the Centurion™. It replaced two-thirds of our controllers. It had the communications capabilities that we needed, and we could make flash programming changes on the fly. We didn’t have to wait for new software or burned program chips.”

“The Centurion™ really helped us streamline our inventory. It reduced the need for carrying components to support several variations of panels.”

NGSG streamlined five controllers to two. The company also reduced the number from panels supported from 10 to 3.
Panel versatility on several applications as well as process conditions.

“It simplified our work. We still support those controllers from the past. But our newer installs are much simpler because we just focus on the Centurion™.”

“We now have one controller that can take care of all the jobs that four controllers used to do. We have the automated restart capabilities of the S500, plus the communications tools of the Millennium. We can also see diagnostic information.”

“It wasn’t a hard decision. The features and economics of the Centurion™ matched up better. And we gained extra productivity by letting Murphy streamline our controllers.”


Natural Gas Services Group
Jim Hazlett, VP of Production and Engineering

FW Murphy
Danny Phillips
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