EICS® Supported Engine List

Don’t let your old engines become obsolete – breathe new life into your stationary engines with the Engine Integrated Control System (EICS) from FW Murphy.

Each EICS system was designed and tested to ensure your specific engine model runs at optimum performance, eliminating the need for manual field adjustments.

FW Murphy’s EICS system is currently mapped for the highest population of engines in the field, including the following engine models:

  • Arrow                  VRG 330
  • Caterpillar           G3304 NA
  • Caterpillar           G3304B NA
  • Caterpillar           G3306 NA
  • Caterpillar           G3306B NA
  • Caterpillar           G3306 TA
  • Caterpillar           G3306B TA
  • Caterpillar           G3306 TAA
  • Caterpillar           G3306B TAA
  • Caterpillar           G3406 NA
  • Caterpillar           G3406 TA
  • Cummins            G5.9
  • Cummins            G8.3
  • Cummins            KTA-19GC (380 &420 HP)
  • Waukesha           7042GU & 7042GSI
  • Waukesha           5794GSI
  • Waukesha           7044GSI

We are constantly working to enhance and expand our EICS lineup. Check back often.