Master Distributor RJ Mann Expands Territory

Published on Jan 29, 2024

FW Murphy Production Controls is proud to announce its longtime Master Distributor, RJ Mann & Associates, will expand the region where it offers sales and service.   RJ Mann is now the sole provider of FW Murphy parts for the entire state of Colorado and northern and central New Mexico.

RJ Mann continues to serve FW Murphy customers in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Western Nebraska, Western and Central Kansas, Utah, the Oklahoma Panhandle and Northern Texas Panhandle.

“We are excited about expanding our footprint throughout the Rocky Mountain Region and feel there is a great opportunity to support engine and compressor controls and specialized emission products in the Farmington, N.M., market,” said Andy Kent, vice president of RJ Mann & Associates.

RJ Mann’s New Mexico facility will open in Farmington at 6029 US 64. Manager Colleen Phelps is available to offer assistance by calling 505-439-3037 or via email at

“This is a great opportunity for RJ Mann to expand their services,” said Dwight Dittmar, sales director for FW Murphy Production Controls. “They are bringing experience and technical resources to assist customers throughout the region.”

For more information on RJ Mann & Associates and their locations, go to