FW Murphy Introduces C5 to Powerful Centurion Lineup

Published on Aug 01, 2018

 Tulsa, Okla, USA – FW Murphy Production Controls is pleased to announce the C5, the newest addition to its Centurion line of controllers. The C5 continues the line’s evolution since the initial introduction of Centurion in 2004. With significant product enhancements, this newest natural gas compressor application controller puts users in the driver’s seat with diagnostics that reduce troubleshooting, improve communication and enhance data management.With Centurion C5, you have the knowledge to manage your system more effectively and ensure your settings optimize your performance. Some features of the C5 include: Diagnostics – Comprehensive diagnostics offer insights into how your system is running from big problems to simple wiring issues. Reduce troubleshooting downtime with improved system feedback. Communications – Gather intelligence from the systems you want via multiple serial ports including CAN communications to take advantage of new engine ECU capabilities as well as Wi-Fi for wireless access to your information. Future-proof & backward compatible – Designed with a significant modern approach, C5 joins the Centurion family adding diagnostics, operator assistance and enhanced communications. Use this new version to update your current application controller, and it will be ready to grow when you are. Our entire Centurion lineup gives you more choice and scalability. World-class qualifications – By meeting stringent certifications and harmonized international standards, C5 is engineered to meet the high standards you expect and rely upon out in the field, wherever you do business. The C5 will change the way you look at asset management.