New Product Release: MLS

Published on Aug 14, 2012

Murphy is proud to announce that effective immediately, the MLS is officially approved for production release.   Purpose The MLS Series connects directly into the gas scrubber wall and can be used with a Murphy weld collar or Murphy external float chamber and is available in both 2”NPT and 1-1/2” NPT models.The MLS Series can replace many existing electric liquid level switches currently being offered by Murphy including the L1200 and LS200.  The Stainless Steel construction makes the MLS a perfect single model for all applications without the need for special part numbers or multiple items stocking.Description The MLS is typically used to detect a high liquid level in a gas scrubber vessel and annunciate/pilot a signal for alarm/shutdown of an engine or electric motor.Its primary features/benefits are:Seal free, stainless steel constructionClean Magnet DesignTrip on rising or falling without need to rotate the bodyAgency Approvals:CSA C/US Class I, Div. 1 Grps. B, C & DNACE MR0175 compliantCanadian Registration NumberMLS-020, 0F01476.2MLS-015, 0F12013.2 How to OrderContact our Inside Sales department @ 918.317.4100 or  MLS-020 (2” NPT)•    Part Number:   15-70-0839•    Discount Class:  W•    Inventory Strategy:  MTS•    Production Start:  12-15-2010•    Lead Time:  STANDARD 2 DAYSModel:  MLS-015 (1-1/2” NPT)•    Part Number:   15-70-0840•    Discount Class:  W•    Inventory Strategy:  ATO•    Production Start:  05-01-2012•    Lead Time:  STANDARD 10 DAY