BMD Control Valve

The CV14 compact control valve applications include separators, scrubbers, treaters and other production vessels.

  • Field reversible actuator
  • Easy maintenance
  • Variety of trim sizes

FW Murphy is the exclusive BMD distributor for new equipment packages.

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The CV14 is a rugged, compact control valve featuring a 1” body and field reversible actuator. Its hardened trim is available in a variety of sizes.

Quickly remove the topworks for easy maintenance while the valve stays inline.

Connection: 1” female NPT
Body Type: Globe, angle
Trim Characteristic: Modified percent (throttling)
Trim Size: 0.125”, .188”, .25”, 0.375”, 0.50”
Stem Travel: .50”
Pressure Rating: 4000 psi
Temperature Range: -20° F to 400° F (-29° C to 204° C)
Shutoff: ANSI Class IV
Actuator Size: No. 30 (30 in2 area)
Input Signal Range: 4 – 20 psi
  Body: A216 WCC steel
  Packing Plug: A105 steel zinc plated
    Standard: 440C stainless ball / D2 tool steel seat
    Corrosive: 316 stainless ball / 316 stainless seat
  Stem: 304 stainless
  Actuator Housing: Ductile iron
Approximate Weight: 27 lbs

CV14 Dimensions (inches)


For more information about this product, you can download the related literature here:

Sales Bulletin (2415460; Revision – 6/2024)