BMD Control Valves

The CV20 control valve is a rugged, compact, freezeless dump valve.

  • Hammer union makes maintenance easy by allowing the topworks to be removed without taking the valve out of line
  • Offers versatility of multiple trim sizes and material options in addition to the same trim set as the CV10
  • NACE option available for sour service

FW Murphy is the exclusive BMD distributor for new equipment packages. 

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The CV20 control valve’s angle body can be installed so that the valve cage and plug are submerged into the process media giving the valve its freezeless characteristic. Typical installations include separators, scrubbers and other production vessels.

  • Connections: 
    • 1” female NPT x 1” female NPT
    • 2” male NPT x 1” female NPT
  • Body Type: Freezeless angle body design
  • Trim Characteristic: Quick open, modified percent (throttling)
  • Trim Size: 0.25”, 0.375” (3/8”), 0.50”
  • Pressure Rating: 2250 psi
  • Temperature Range: -50° F to 200° F (-46° C to 93° C)
  • Shutoff: ANSI Class IV
  • Actuator Sizes: No. 35 (35 in2  area), No. 70 (70 in2 area)
  • Input Signal Ranges: 3-15 psi, 6-30 psi
  • Materials:
    • Body: A105 steel, A350 LF2 (low-temp option)
    • Packing Plug: A105 steel, nickel-plated, A350 LF2 (low-temp option)
    • Hammer Nut: A105 steel, A350 LF2 (low-temp option)
    • Trim: 17/4 stainless, carbide (optional)
    • Stem: 303 stainless, 316 (optional)
    • Actuator Housing: Carbon steel
  • Approximate Weight:
    • With #35 Actuator: 25 lbs
    • With #70 Actuator: 35 lbs

For more information about this product, you can download the related literature here:

Sales Bulletin (2015348; revision date – 10/2022)