BMD Control Valves

The CV40 control valve is a low-pressure, full-port dump valve that allows for high flow rates.

  • Features include balanced plug control trim with a quick opening characteristic and adjustable top-works
  • Available with a metal-to-metal seat
  • Metal seat version comprises an unbalanced, hex-shaped plug to avoid sand buildup between the plug and cage

FW Murphy is the exclusive BMD distributor for new equipment packages.

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The CV40 control valve’s standard soft-seat design gives a consistent leak-free shutoff when the valve closes. Applications include discharging liquid or gas from separators, treaters, knockouts or other vessels. It can also be used for backpressure regulation when paired with a PC48 pressure controller, making it an economical choice for a variety of low-pressure applications.

  • Sizes: 2”, 3” and 4”
  • Connections: Female NPT, flanged
  • Body Type: Globe, angle
  • Soft Seat Trim:
    • Trim Characteristic: Quick open
    • Trim Size: Full port and reduced port (1 size down)
    • Trim Type: Balanced
  • Metal Seat Trim:
    • Trim Characteristic: Modified percent
    • Trim Size: 1.00”, 1.75”
    • Trim Type: Unbalanced
  • Pressure Rating:
    • 500 psi: 2” NPT
    • 250 psi: 2” Flanged
    • 250 psi: 3” & 4” Flanged & NPT
  • Temperature Range:  -20° F to 400° F
  • Actuator Sizes:  #35
  • Input Signal Range: 3-15 or 6-30 psi
  • Materials:
    • Body: Ductile iron
    • Bonnet and Plug: Nickel-plated carbon steel
    • Bonnet Flange: Carbon steel
    • Seat: 304 stainless steel
    • Stem: 304 stainless steel
    • Actuator Housing: Carbon steel
    • Bolting: A193 B7
    • Standard materials are good for NACE

For more information about this product, you can download the related literature here:

Sales Bulletin (2015350; revision date – 10/2022)