BMD Liquid Level Control

The LC70 is a float operated liquid level control device. Its large float, linkage rod and levers mechanically operate a dump valve via rotational connections.

  • Levers change from left or right to match dump valve mount
  • Fits a wide variety of configurations
  • Two body styles

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The LC70 is sometimes referred to as a trunnion or a float nose. It is available in union and bolted body styles.

The LC70 levers can easily be removed and reinstalled from the left to right to match the dump valve mount. Multiple parts and accessories are available to fit a wide variety of configurations.

The LC70 can provide a level control/dump system that is completely emissions free when used with a CV45 mechanical valve.

Sizes: 8” and 5” union connections, 5” bolted connection
Pressure Rating: 500 psi
Temperature Range: -20° F to 400° F (-29° C to 204° C)
  Body: A216 Gr WCC steel
  Float: Powder coated steel
  Float Arm: 3/4” SST
  Shaft: 304 SST
  Bushings: 304 SST
  Seals: Viton

LC70 Dimensions (inches)

Union Connection


Bolted Connection


Typical installation of LC70 with CV45

For more information about this product, you can download the related literature here:

Sales Bulletin; (2415456, revision – 6/2024)