PD8100 Series

Pulsation Dampeners

The PD8100 Series decreases wear on geared movements and increases the life of pressure indicating instruments by eliminating excessive gauge strain and unnecessary movement, a necessity which quickly pays for itself by protecting any pressure indicating and control instrument which is subject to pulsation.

  • Dampens pressure pulsation on controllers, instruments and recorders
  • Eliminates gauge pointer flutter
  • Aids in providing more accurate pressure indication
  • Decreases wear on a gauge’s geared movement

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The PD8100 Series eliminates pointer flutter on pressure indicating gauge devices which are subject to pulsating pressure from reciprocating pumps or compressors. It also allows a close setting of high and low contact points providing for more accurate pressure indication and control of equipment.


The PD8100 is quality built with a large diameter valve stem wheel for ease of adjustment and features clearly printed operating instructions.

Machined from 1 3/8-in. (35 mm) hex bar stock, a two-degree taper on the valve and stem assure positive dampening.

It’s available in brass, carbon steel, 303 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel to meet pressure and environmental requirements with either 1/2 NPT or 1/4 NPT inlet connections.

  • PD8183: All wetted parts are brass. Rated to 3000 psi (20.68 MPa) [206.80 bar]
  • PD8184: All wetted parts are carbon steel. Rated to 5000 psi (34.47 MPa) [344.70 bar]
  • PD8185: All wetted parts are 303 stainless steel. Rated to 10000 psi (68.95 MPa) [689.50 bar]
  • PD8190: All wetted parts are 316 stainless steel. Rated to 10000 psi (68.95 MPa) [689.50 bar]
    • Meets NACE standard MR- 01-75 for direct exposure to H2S
  • Operating Temperature: -15° to 400° F (-26° to 204° C)
  • Shipping Weight (all models): 2 lbs. (0.9 kg)
  • Shipping Dimensions (all models): 4 3/4 x 4 3/4 x 3 1/4 in. (121 x 121 x 83 mm)


PD8100 Series Pulsation Dampeners Diagram

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Sales Bulletin / Mounting Instructions (95145; revision date – 10/2023)