Centurion™ Configurable Control Panel


The Centurion Configurable Control Panel is a fully integrated control and monitoring system for a variety of applications. Control Panels can be designed on an engineered-to-order basis, or we can partner with you to create standard, multi-application designs for your specifications. We specialize in building panels for use in hazardous areas, and you can be assured that the design will include components and wiring methods to meet those standards. The Centurion Controller can be configured for a variety of auto start/stop, various close loop controls for valves, louvers or speed actuation, and sequenced startup and shutdown operation for your equipment. Applications for electric motor, electronic engine and mechanical engine-driven gas compressors and pumps are an example of the types of equipment that can be used with our Control Panel. Changes to configurations can be done with simple Centurion Configuration Tool software, without the need for any programming language experience.

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Product Overview: 

The Centurion™ Configurable Controller (C5 Series) is a hybrid of annunciator and compressor controller.  The C5 combines the monitoring and shutdown features of an annunciator, with auto-start and basic engine controls that help prevent shutdowns.