How to Read FW Murphy Serial Numbers

Most FW Murphy products have a 2-year repair or replace warranty. To determine if your FW Murphy product lies within the warranty period, you need to determine when your product was manufactured.

The key to the manufacture date is in the serial number on the product label (the product label must be attached to the product in order to file a warranty claim). This page explains how to read an FW Murphy serial number.

For more information about warranty service, visit our warranty page.

Serial Number Format
The serial numbers include four pieces of information:

This code, represented by a letter of the alphabet, tell what year the product was built.

  • X = 2002
  • Y = 2003
  • Z = 2004
  • A = 2005
  • B = 2006
  • C = 2007
  • D = 2008
  • E = 2009
  • F = 2010
  • G = 2011
  • H = 2012
  • J = 2013 (Note: The letter "I" was skipped)
  • K = 2014
  • L = 2015

This code, represented by the numbers 1-12, indicate the month the product was built.

  • 1 = January
  • 2 = February
  • 3 - March, etc.

Top Level Assembly
This number indicates the revision level of the product, based on the version of software and hardware combined, if applicable.

Individual ID Number
This is a unique ID for your particular product.

WR Tag Number
If a unit has been sent in for WR repair, it will have a sticker with the WR number and possibly the date code for the month it was repaired. It should look something like this:

97725 WR