AFR-64R Rich-Burn Air-Fuel Control System

  • Fast, easy, low-cost installation
  • Fits virtually any gas-fueled, carbureted, rich-burn industrial engine – with (or without) a catalytic converter
  • Windows®-based platform compatible with most  computers
  • Software can be installed on laptop, PC or network
  • Comprehensive 38-fault diagnostics, including continuous oxygen sensor health monitoring
  • Data plotting for easy, accurate troubleshooting
  • Separate alarm and shut-down dry contact relays
  • Pre-catalyst closed loop, exhaust oxygen feedback control
  • Post-catalyst exhaust oxygen feedback; cascade control for fast, real-time adaptation to changing catalyst performance
  • Variable set-point for pre-catalyst and post-catalyst exhaust oxygen control – for real-time response to varying engine loads
  • Up to 64 load-specific air/fuel set points to map your engine
  • Catalyst temperature monitoring for catalyst over temperature protection
  • Drives up to two control banks for operation on V type engine configurations
  • High-speed full-authority butterfly fuel control valves for quick response time.
Stage V: 
Product Overview: 

A lot of control in a single package: The AFR-64R air/ fuel ratio controller monitors ambient changes, reacts with precision and diagnoses potential problems before they become costly.

Emissions Compliance: The AFR-64R precisely tracks the air/fuel mix to maintain targeted emissions levels – regardless of variance in load, ambient air temperature or fuel composition.

Flexibility: The AFR-64R controller stores up to 64 load-specific air/fuel set points and automatically tracks engine load changes based on engine RPM and manifold air pressure.

Cost Savings: Pinpoint performance problems as soon as they occur–misfires, engine valve issues and more – to cut the costs of maintenance, downtime, labor and replacement parts.

Whether you need better emissions compliance, engine prognosis/diagnosis and trouble-free equipment life, the AFR-64R helps maximize the efficiency of the engine and its three-way catalytic converter.