• Set point and operation done entirely through the full-color graphic display, enclosure or remote mounted
  • Designed for wide range of horsepower, gas fueled, carbureted rich-burn industrial engines
  • Microprocessor-based controller with nine air/fuel set points
  • Available with either the non-intrusive fuel enrichment strategy or the in-line fuel authority control strategy
  • High-speed full-authority butterfly fuel control valves for quick response time. (available)
  • Proportional solenoid fuel control valves for auxiliary fuel control (available)
  • Map sensor to measure variances in manifold air pressure
Stage V: 
Product Overview: 

The AFR-9R is the right choice when searching for the simplest to use load following air/fuel ratio control system. The system is designed to maximize the efficiency of a three-way catalyst by maintaining the proper air/fuel ratio over varying engine loads, speeds, fuel quality, ambient temperatures and barometric pressure. This is done without operator intervention after the initial program setup.

The AFR-9R features nine set point targets based on a combination of three RPM settings and three manifold pressure settings and includes three valve default position settings. As your engine’s load and/or speed change, the AFR-9R anticipates (feed-forward control) and corrects the air/fuel ratio to optimize catalyst performance.

The system includes the Murphy PV-450 full-color graphical user interface for control functions, monitoring, programming and diagnostic displays. The eight-button display includes comprehensive built-in help files for added operator convenience.

The FW Murphy AFR-9R air/fuel ratio controller represents cutting-edge technology in many areas: hardware, microprocessor power, control system software, operator interface options, adaptability to variable engine conditions and control requirements, software upgrade capability, in addition to comprehensive onboard diagnostics system (OBD).