EICS High Horsepower

EICS-VHP Engine Integrated Control System

FW Murphy revolutionized engine management a decade ago with the introduction of EICS. For the next step, we’ve moved to larger horsepower engines to maximize our Engine Integrated Control System for the VHP engine.

EICS combines key components – ignition system, air/fuel control, speed governing, interface diagnostics, sensors, harnesses and catalyst – in one package saving money and man-hours in installation and setup of separate engine components.

Engineered for VHP Series Waukesha engines, EICS-VHP maintains emission compliance, optimizes performance and simplifies engine diagnostics.

The creation of the newly engineered Mass Flow Air Valve (MFA) and the Mass Flow Gas Valve (MFG) by FW Murphy maximizes performance and emission reductions. Our multi-year, multi-million dollar investment in creating this technology will keep your large engine running at its peak.

This EICS variant designed and tested for these specific engines eliminates the need for manual adjustments and reduces costs. See EICS VHP brochure.

EICS VHP is available for these engines.

VHP Series Waukesha engines

  • 7042GSI
  • 7044GSI
  • 5794GSI

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