Published Aug 16, 2021 - Tulsa, Okla, USA – FW Murphy Production Controls revolutionized engine management a decade ago with the introduction of EICS. For the next step, we’ve moved to larger horsepower engines to maximize our Engine Integrated Control System for the VHP engine.
Published May 20, 2021 - Tulsa, Okla., USA – FW Murphy is eager to return to trade shows to demonstrate products and network with customers. The company has four events scheduled for the year.
Published Feb 16, 2021 - Our offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Rosenberg and San Antonio, Texas, are closed due to inclement weather. Please contact...
Published Jan 21, 2021 - Tulsa, Okla., USA – The newest product catalog for FW Murphy is now available. Customer can request a copy on the website.
Published Nov 03, 2020 - FW Murphy advances PLC control by combining the Centurion C5 with Rockwell Automation.
Published Oct 14, 2020 - Tulsa, Okla., USA – Join us online during GCA’s final entry in the virtual ReConnect Series.
Published Aug 25, 2020 - Rosenberg, Texas, USA – FW Murphy is proud to announce the opening of our new Rosenberg facility. Since 1960, we have had a presence in the Houston area and have built thousands of panels that can be found across the country and around the globe.
Published May 28, 2020 - Tulsa, Okla., USA – FW Murphy welcomes Spindletop Energy Products, LLC, as its newest Master Distributor.
Published Oct 17, 2019 - Rosenberg, Texas, USA – FW Murphy leaders broke ground for an exciting new expansion for the organization.
Published Aug 01, 2018 - FW Murphy Production Controls is pleased to announce the C5, the newest addition to its Centurion line of controllers. The C5 continues the line’s evolution since the initial introduction of Centurion in 2004.