Ignition Controller System

The IntelliSpark 32/16/8 series ignition systems are capacitive discharge, low-tension type designs. The system is capable of generating precise spark timing that improves fuel economy, load balance and ignition stability.

  • Crankshaft-referenced 16-bit microprocessor based system
  • Patented Smart Coil™ technology
  • Automatic energy control
  • Five timing reference options including camless operation
  • Two field-adjustable timing schedules
  • Optimized engine combustion and performance
  • True primary and secondary diagnostics

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The IntelliSpark controller design incorporates a state-of-the-art 16-bit microcontroller. This technology provides users with a highly flexible solution to meet their ignition needs.

The user can choose from one of five methods of crankshaft sensing for a 4-stroke engine and two methods for a 2-stroke engine.

FW Murphy’s smart ignition coils used with this product incorporate a sense lead connection for real-time spark plug demand voltage measurements by the ignition controller. This allows the controller to:

  • Measure demand on each cylinder’s plug for diagnostic purposes;
  • Automatically control the energy delivered to the smart coils to optimize spark plug life;
  • Use the measured demand in the unique camless crank method to determine the compression stroke, eliminating the need for a camshaft sensor.

Several Smart Coil designs are available to accommodate specific ignition requirements including remote mount coils and plug-mounted (integral) coils, non-hazardous or CSA Class I, Div. 2 rated versions.

This system also includes the PV450 full-color screen display for control functions, monitoring, programming and diagnostic testing. The eight-button display includes comprehensive built-in help files and wiring information for the coil harness and a database of common engines for ease of configuration.

  • Power Requirements:
    • IS-16/8: 10-30 VDC (12/24 VDC nominal) 3.0 amps max
    • IS-32: 10-30 VDC, 6.0 amps max
    • Note: The input current is dependent on firing rate
  • Environment:
    • Temperature Operating Range: -4° to +158° F (–20° to +70° C)
    • Enclosure Rating: IP66 with display mounted in the enclosure box; Type 4 without display mounted in the enclosure box
  • Third-Party Approvals:
    • CSA Certified for Class I, Div 2, Groups B, C, D
  • IS-8: Fires 8 outputs
  • IS-16: Fires 16 outputs
  • IS-32: Fires 32 outputs, 2 outputs can fire simultaneously
  • Energy Storage:
    • IS-32/16/8: 180 mJ max, per tank capacitor
  • Communications:
    • IS-32/16/8: An auxiliary comm port is available, RS-485 interface, MODBUS protocol
    • Note: This port has a user-programmable servant ID, runs at 9600 baud or 19.2K. All parameters available can be modified in parallel using the main front panel display.
  • Output Electrical Specifications:
    • IS-8: Single tank capacitor
    • IS-16: Dual, alternately fired tank capacitors
    • IS-32: Quad, alternately fired pairs of tank capacitors
      Ignition Outputs are High-side firing referenced to the T pin on the output harness
    • Note: These outputs are not ground referenced unless the T lead is grounded. Recommend careful adherence to installation instructions.
  • Maximum Output Current Pulse Rating: 40 amps
    • Note: Current pulse amplitude is dependent on the coils in use and the tank capacitor voltage.
  • IT-230 Series coils: 7 amp pulse @ 230 volts
  • IT-150 Series coils: 35 amps @ 150 volts
  • IT-250 series coils: 20 amps @ 250 volts
  • 4/20 mA Inputs:
    • 4/20mA A: This input retards timing (if programmed) when schedule A is active.
    • 4/20mA B: This input retards the timing (if programmed) when schedule B is active.

For more information about this product, you can download the related literature here:

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