Enovation Controls, LLC, a subsidiary of Sun Hydraulics Corp., announces the launch of their new website, enovationcontrols.com. Enovation Controls and the Murphy brand serves the off-highway, industrial, marine and specialty vehicle markets, operating separately from FW Murphy Production Controls, the leader in Natural Gas Compression Control solutions.

In 2016, Enovation Controls finalized a deal with Sun Hydraulics to sell its Power Controls and Vehicle Technologies lines of business. These two lines will continue as Enovation Controls business units as a stand-alone company under the Sun Hydraulics umbrella.

The remaining two business units Natural Gas Production Controls and Engine Controls and Fuel Systems will continue serving their customers as FW Murphy Production Controls and EControls, respectively.

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Natural Gas Compression Control Solutions

FW Murphy Production Controls proudly offers a wide range of instrumentation and control solutions for the Oil & Gas Production and Natural Gas Compression markets. The same traditions of customer focus, innovative ideas and reliable products continue. Visit FWMurphy.com for solutions from the trusted leader in natural gas compression controls.

Products found on FWMurphy.com include:
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Industrial, Off-Highway and Recreational Vehicle Solutions

Enovation Controls leads the industry for engine and equipment protection and monitoring in the Industrial, Off-Highway and Recreational Vehicle markets. Our complete line of Murphy display, control and instrumentation solutions coupled with our extensive application experience allows us to provide customers with a complete solution approach.

Products found on EnovationControls.com include: