Scrubber Level System – SLS Kit

Automatic Level Control for Gas Scrubber Applications

FW Murphy’s SLS is the smart choice. It includes the following items in one package to make ordering easier and more economical.

  • LS200, MLS-020 high-liquid level alarm/shutdown switch
  • DVU Series dump valve
  • LS200NDVOR pneumatic level control with filter, regulator and gauge

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The SLS system provides for liquid control in gas scrubber applications by dumping liquids to drain and protecting compressors with a high liquid level switch. Wetted metal parts are made to survive constant use in corrosive environments.

You save money by purchasing the SLS system which includes the following:

Level Switches

  • Designed for harsh gas compressor scrubber applications
    NOTE: Not recommended for hydrogen gas applications.
  • 304 stainless steel float: *Specific gravity varies by model and configuration
  • For Separators/Scrubbers rated for up to **2000 psi (13.8 MPa) [138 bar] working pressure
  • Electric and pneumatic models available

Dump Valve Operator / Dump Valve

  • Hex union allow plug and seat replacement without piping removal
  • Operates on 30-70 psi (207-483 kPa) [2.07-4.83 bar] control pressure
  • Manual valve operator

* LS200NDVO float operation is minimum 0.63 specific gravity while the electric switch SG may be less.  Refer to product literature for full details.
**DO NOT OVERPRESSURE. The stainless-steel float may be deformed if exposed to pressure beyond rated (2000 psi). This can affect specific gravity and overall operation.

Scrubber Level System Tools

Scrubber Level Control System Emissions Calculator

The SLS Emissions Calculator allows you to plug in application information, such as ambient temperature, dump frequency, dump rate and supply pressure, and provides the total system emission of gas per hour.

DVU Selection Guide

The DVU Selection Guide selects the appropriate dump valve model for the user using a series of calculations. This calculation is obtained after the user inputs application information such as diameter of vessel, duration of dump cycle, vessel pressure and pressure at outlet of DVU.

Below are the products that make up the Scrubber Level System. Click their names and product images for more info.

LS200 / LS200N / LS200NDVOR Liquid level switches MLS Liquid Level Switch DVU Series Dump Valves
LS200 / LS200N / LS200NDVOR

 Liquid level switches
(For SLS Systems)

MLS Liquid Level Switch

 Liquid Level Switch
(For MSLS Systems)
DVU Series Dump Valves

 Pneumatically controlled dump valves

Scrubber Level System (SLS)

Refer to our sales bulletin for the complete list of options and accessories.



For more information about this product, you can download the related literature here:

Scrubber Level System – Sales Bulletin (04005; revision date: 09/2023)

For literature relating to the pieces that make up the SLS, visit the following pages: